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Company Profile

Flightmode is a travel management company created to fulfill all the needs that a modern traveller can have based on their own personal preferences. Our goal is to make our Travelers (no matter if it’s a trip that you take alone, or with your family, your loved ones or even with your pets) happy - one trip at a time. We have no boundaries in creating the perfect service for our Travelers and taking care of all kind of travel requests. We are proud that our team has never ever faced any travel plans or issues that could not be organized or solved.


Main business areas:


  • Premium leisure trips organized with special care and experience by a team of passionates
  • Passenger charter and private jet flights
  • Pet travel in the cabin or in the hold
  • Personalized leisure travel individuals and small groups
  • Tailor-made leisure travel for families and with special needs


Personalized Premium Leisure Travel

Main services:

  • We were and still are the designated travel management company to serve the needs of the film production industry in Hungary, so we are prepared for all crazy needs
  • Personalized travel arrangements for all kinds of needs
  • Multiple invoicing and registration constructions that are implemented according to the needs of the client, based on our agreement
  • Air ticket booking (very competitive prices, quantitative discounts, owing to our significant market role)
  • Air charter services (Flightmode can handle from the smallest Cessna to the B777 size of aircraft both for passenger and pets)
  • Private and executive jets / helicopters
  • Car service anywhere in the world
  • Meet and greet at airports
  • VIP services (anything travellers need, fullfilment of individual and special requests)
  • International Hotel booking
  • Program organization on the destination
  • Car rental reservations (short or long term rentals, special conditions on all big car rental companies)
  • Train, ship, ferry and coach tickets
  • Visa arrangements
  • Travel insurances
  • Excess luggage handling
  • International pet transportation (cabin, hold and emotional support animals)
  • Total organization of your leisure travelings, from the planning until the last day of the trip


Company background

...After 3 years the Platinum Travel Team decided that we are experiencing a growth in our leisure requests and how much we love and miss to create unforgettable trips for our clients so after years and years of planning we are launching our new division- Flightmode with the cooperation of the biggest Travel Agency Community- Lufthansa City Center.

Languages spoken: Hungarian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Reach out and let us know what can we do for you.


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